Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Inspiration from a Foam Roller

Some of our greatest intellectual revelations occur during a soothing shower, high above the Earth in the pressurized cabin of an airplane, on a brisk morning run or listening to the timeless, symphonic harmonies of Mozart.  For some peculiar reason I have creative epiphanies while rolling around on a black, foam cylinder during my pre-workout routine at Equinox SoHo. 

I Ain’t Got No Money

I was massaging out some trigger points like a fine French pastry chef kneading dough with a rolling pin when a Timbaland track came bumping over the speaker system.  

I ain’t got no money

I ain’t got no car to take you on a date

I can’t even buy you flowers

But together we can be the perfect soul mates

Talk to me girl

I laughed to myself as the verse struck a chord.  After a few years of placing dating on the back burner, I started spending time with a girl from church.  Although I had been on dates in the past, I had never done so while being unemployed. 

The Way I Are

In previous relationships, I have felt the need to earn acceptance, approval and unconditional love by validating my worth through career title, social status and performance.  Rather than “winning” someone over by creating a false identity that inevitably would crumble in later stages of commitment and intimacy, it has been healing pursuing relationship from a place of personal deconstruction.  The breakthrough in this arena has come from an acceptance of who I am at the core, a further understanding of my true identity.

Laying the Right Foundation

By removing the veil and revealing my vulnerabilities, fears and flaws as the level of commitment in the relationship grows, I have felt a new and refreshing freedom.  Although it can be terrifying trusting someone with tender areas of the heart, the act forms a solid foundation upon which the relationship can grow and mature.

Wishing you all a happy, authentic and vulnerable Valentine’s Day. 

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